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Want to publish your own vacation rental website?

The CityDesk Starter Edition allows you 50 files.
A file is a page, a picture, a stylesheet, or a rental contract file if you have one. Right out of the box, this template contains 19 files so you have 31 to go.

Enter your own text and pictures however you like.
You'll replace all this text with whatever you'd like to say on your home page.

You can adjust the colors.
But you'll need to learn a bit about CityDesk Variables and hex color representations. Sounds hard, but it isn't.

Variable Window

You can enter your own contact information.
Your contact information will be on every page.

You can add or remove pages.
When you add the keyword "menu" your new page will automatically appear in the menu. When you remove the keyword "menu" the page will no longer appear in the menu.


You can put your own pictures in the "banner picture bar."
In fact, I'd prefer you use your own pictures. These are 100 pixels wide and 75 pixels tall. Messing with pictures in subject for another day. Quite obviously, you can't make a great thumbnail from any old picture. You have to use a picture that will look great when it's small.

You can preview your site even if you don't have a web host.
Just click on the little "television" button in the tool bar.

Preview Button

When you are ready to publish to your web host, you'll have to enter your server information.
You'll need to set up a publish location. Click "File" - "Publish" -"EditLocations" and set it up to FTP to your host.

There is a forum to help you.
See the "How to use TK's Free Vacation Rental Website Template and CityDesk"

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  Basic Web Site Principals and Questions

TK's Vacation Rental Web Service

Web sites for vacation rentals, advice, and more by

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